Hydro Stop Liquid Applied Roof Systems

Image Credit: gaf.com

HydroStop™ is the latest innovation in the industry of construction, specifically in terms of effective waterproofing all kinds of surfaces – roofs, walls, panels, and even moisture-exposed surfaces like cisterns, gutters and cemented shrubbery boxes.

When your masonry projects are reinforced with HydroStop™, you can be certain that the surface will be more susceptible to wear and tear, and it will be flexible enough to adapt to weather changes throughout the year. This is also an effective solution to preventing water damage issues, as it helps in resisting the effects of standing water; also making it ideal for underwater or subterranean waterproofing.

Other uses of the product include:

  • Concrete waterproofing
  • Deck waterproofing
  • Exterior wall waterproofing
  • Flashing of all types
  • Low-sloped roof waterproofing
  • Metal roof waterproofing and cooling
  • Parapet wall waterproofing
  • Plywood waterproofing


There are many benefits to this system in terms of repairing existing leaky roofs. This product is more for commercial applications rather than residential. It can be applied over various roof substrates, especially “Butler Building” Metal roofs. It can also be applied to flat roofs of various types, like TPO, EPDM and Built-up. It is a white coating, which makes it “Energy Star” approved, which means tax benefits for property owners. It is also is considered a maintenance product/procedure, which means owners can depreciate it off their taxes starting in year one.

HydroStop™ is indeed one of the high quality waterproofing systems in the industry. This is why DynoDry Roofing & Structural, Inc. took the necessary steps to become one of GAF’s certified HydroStop™ applicator. DynoDry Roofing & Structural, Inc. is also able to provide the following benefits using HydroStop™:

  • 100% adhesion of system to substrate
  • Easy application and cleanup
  • Reduces heat absorption thus lowers energy costs
  • Meets emissions regulations
  • Safe to install because of its nontoxic formulation
  • No special equipment required to install
  • protect roof or wall from fallout damage due to its capacity to resist damages from acid rain and other chemical pollutants
  • Sustainable; saves expensive removal and disposal cost
  • Infrared and Ultraviolet resistant
  • Available in numerous colors, giving clients various choices perfect for the design and concept of any architectural structure
  • Won’t spread flame over noncombustible surfaces

This U.V. resistant and flexible elastomeric paint has nothing but great reviews from those who have chosen to use it; more so because it was applied and serviced by DynoDry Roofing & Structural, Inc.. The company has trained its workers to be able to make great and effective use of the fully reinforced nonwoven polyester fabric of HydroStop™. The product is such an effective means to improve longevity of homes, buildings, and infrastructures that more and more people are opting for it. Paired with its energy efficient features and being handled by a certified applicator like DynoDry Roofing & Structural, Inc., anything built with HydroStop™ can last for decades.