Moisture Inspection

Moisture Inspection

What is a Moisture Inspection?

Moisture and water intrusion can occur any time of year, in any household throughout Hoover, Alabama. Water damage can start at hundreds and go to thousands of dollars in damages if it is ignored or goes unnoticed. Water and moisture intrusion can also lead to mold growth, which at minimum can be unhealthy and ultimately fatal, in some cases, to loved ones and family pets.

We, the certified professionals in Water Restoration Technology (WRT) and Applied Structural Drying (ASD), at DynoDry Structural Drying, Inc., are equipped with the most technically-advanced tools in the industry for moisture detection. Most importantly, we have been trained to use these tools properly for the benefit of our customers throughout the Birmingham Metro Area, including Tuscaloosa, Mountainbrook, Vestavia Hills, Hoover, Pelham, McCalla, Chelsea and Alabaster.

Why is it important?

If your household or commercial business structure has suspicious areas where moisture or water damage has occurred, the time to act is NOW.

With the use of technically-advanced monitors, moisture-sensing meters and thermal-imaging cameras, we at DynoDry Structural Drying Inc., have the ability to not only locate the problem areas but also determine the source of the intrusion. The equipment we use and our years of experience in dealing with water damage in the Birmingham Metro area gives us the ability to see behind walls and other barriers where the naked eye cannot see. This allows us to develop an efficient and cost-effective action plan. Many times, from our proactive inspections, we are able to repair minor damage before it becomes a major structural and health problem.

What is the Process?

If your home or business has developed water stains on walls, floors or ceilings and you are experiencing “moldly” and/or “mildewy” smells, the chances are very good you have a potential water damage and/or mold damage issue.

When we arrive at your property uniformed in our DynoDry Structural Drying Inc., vehicles, which have been outfitted with the best possible detecting tools and equipment, we enter your property with one goal in mind; to professionally locate and remediate problem areas using scientific-based methods.

The process begins by testing and monitoring in the obvious moisture and odor-laden areas of the structure. Many times, the source of the problem is not at the visibly noticed area. It can be several feet or yards away. This is why you insist on a certified professional.

Within 24-hours maximum, DynoDry Structural Drying Inc., will present you with an action plan proposal.

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