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What is DynoDry Structural Drying, Inc’s. Roofing History?

The Owner and President of DynoDry Structural Drying, Inc., David Grill, is a life-long citizen of Shelby County and a career-long member of the construction industry. As it pertains to roofing, David spent 15 years in the roofing industry. He worked for the largest roofing manufacturer in North America (GAF Materials Corporation) for more than 12 years as a Territory Manager in Alabama. He understands the importance of quality materials, which are imperative in a roofing system. David is certainly familiar with GAF products but is not limited to GAF, as he is very familiar with all manufacturer’s roofing system components. He understands quality installation and knowledgeable installers are crucial in providing you with the best performance from the materials installed.

Roofing and structural drying often go hand-in-hand because of the frequency of stormy weather in Alabama, especially in the spring when it is not uncommon to experience wind-driven rain enter a structure through the roof. At DynoDry Structural Drying, Inc., we have the knowledge, experience, people, training and equipment to dry water-damaged structures due to water entering through a damaged roof and to completely re-roof or repair the current roof. One phone call can give you peace of mind that both water-damage remediation and roofing will be handled to the highest expectations.

Why Roof Protection?

Protecting your roof seems quite ironic, considering that it is the roof’s job is to protect the house, the people that live in it and all things valuable inside. As a whole, the roof system protects most homeowner’s largest investment, their house and their most valuable possessions.

The roof may be there to protect you; but, it has to be protected too in order for it to continuously serve its purpose. A damaged roof can no longer function well enough to serve its purpose, leading to more problems for you and your family.

Protecting your roof can be done by making sure it gets the proper check-up and maintenance it deserves. Having your roof inspected regularly, especially after a storm, will provide you with the feedback necessary to make proper repairs. Small repairs could prevent major and expensive damage to the roof and other parts of your home.

We, at DynoDry Structural Drying, Inc., use only the highest quality materials, experienced and manufacture certified installers and installation techniques.  Roofs, usually an afterthought of most homeowners until they fail, have to endure some of nature’s toughest elements like wind-driven rain, snow, ice, the sun’s UV rays and extreme heat, as well as hail and straight-line winds.

DynoDry Structural Drying, Inc. endorses and uses only the highest quality manufactures in the roofing industry, like GAF and Certainteed.  Both of these manufacturers have an abundance of asphalt-shingle options in terms of color and cut (i.e. typical three tabs, wood shakes and even slate tiles).

Regardless of the material our customers ask us to put on their roof, the roof can only function with 100% efficiency, IF it has been installed properly by certified and experienced installers.  Roofers here at DynoDry Structuring Drying, Inc., only know one way to install roofing materials; per the manufacture’s installation instructions.    We only hire those with expert skills and knowledge in the craft of roofing and are detailed and quality-oriented. We want our high corporate standards represented on every job. We believe having the best roofers equates to higher roofing standards; the very thing that people should look for in a roofing company.

Do not prolong your problems, when it comes to your roof concerns, preventing further damage through immediate action is always the best option.

When to contact Dynodry Structural Drying, Inc.?

If you value quality workmanship from someone with years of experience, we are the roofing company to call.

If you are someone who does not regularly inspect your roof, here are the things to be aware of so you know when to call our company:

  • Holes and leaks
    These needs to be addressed because this can cause water to get into the house causing damage.
  • Falling debris, small and big
    This is a dangerous sign of a roof problem. Immediately call us to check the roof because chances are, bigger debris could fall anytime.
  • Collapsing roofs
    This is what would happen if you do not attend to your roof repair needs regularly. Have our company deal with the situation and prevent it from happening again.
  • Discoloration of shingles
    This destroys the aesthetic appeal of your roofs and while this is not much of an immediate concern, sometimes, discoloration is also a sign of other, much worse, damages.
  • Odors coming from the attic
    This could indicate a slow leak, causing mold growth and potential harmful conditions. This can also destroy the structural integrity of the roof.

Contact us right now and get a free consultation on your roofing problems. We will discuss all options and provide you with the peace of mind that we will take care of you and your largest investment – your home!


This is a beautiful roof that we installed for a customer.