Why Scientific Drying?

The Premier Choice for Dehumidification and Water Damage Repair in Birmingham

When it comes to finding a dehumidification in Chelsea AL company, you can’t rely on just any service to get the job done right. Many companies opt to tear up your floors and remove your walls in an effort to rush through the job. But prematurely tearing up your home’s structure without carefully analyzing it to see which portions can be saved can quickly increase the amount of your water repair damage in Birmingham bills and prolong the restoration process. Rushing can also increase the chances of your home needing extensive repairs in the future.

You need to hire a water damage expert in Hoover AL that also services Meadowbrook AL and surrounding areas that you can trust to be open, honest and professional about what you can expect. We won’t offer you any gimmicks or false promises. We also won’t drag our feet to get the job done. We specialize in results and deliver them in a fast and timely manner every time. DynoDry Structural Drying, Inc. uses structural drying techniques that are designed to save more of your home’s original structure to save you time and money during the repair process.

Benefits of the Scientific Drying Process

Our drying professionals use a variety of equipment and techniques, including desiccants, LGR dehumidifiers, intra-wall drying tools and processes to remove all moisture from your home’s structure so that it can be safely restored and remodeled.

Benefits of Using DynoDry Structural Drying, Inc.’s Scientific Drying services include:

  • Removes more water and moisture from the affected structures.
  • Reduces repair costs.
  • Minimizes drying times.
  • Helps to prevent mold growth.
  • Fully dries your home from the inside out.
  • Saves more of your home’s existing structure.

We offer mold removal, mediation, cleaning and remodeling services to bring your home back to life.

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Just because your home has been compromised by water damage doesn’t mean that it is a complete loss. Contact DynoDry Structural Drying, Inc.’s water damage remediation professionals at (205) 623-0151 today for an in-depth analysis of your home.