Water Damage Restoration

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Water Damage Restoration for Birmingham Metro Area AL Residents

Water is responsible for life, but it can also be one of the most destructive forces on earth. The same substance that can erode rock and wash away hillsides can easily eat through the wooden boards that support and make up your home. Even a small amount of water coming from a leak in a single pipe can cause thousands of dollars of damage if not quickly discovered. To prevent the damage from escalating, the excess moisture must be removed and the home must be repaired. DynoDry Roofing & Structural, Inc. is proud to offer this service, water damage restoration in Birmingham Metro Area to Alabaster, and the surrounding areas.

Do I Need Water Damage Restoration?

Understanding when you need to contact a professional is key to reducing your damages and minimizing costs associated with repair. If you have any pooling or leaking water, you should contact our water damage restoration company in Alabaster, AL immediately. While waiting until the professionals to arrive, you can take the following steps to ensure that no additional damage occurs:

  • Take a deep breath and stay calm
  • Turn off your home’s water main or any other immediate source of water
  • Turn off the electricity to the affected parts of your home

Mitigating the Damage

Removing water quickly after a leak is discovered is key. However, removing the water in its entirety is a difficult process. At DynoDry Roofing & Structural, Inc., our professional technicians are trained and certified in Applied Structural Drying and as well as Water Damage Restoration Technicians. These certifications give each of our professional technicians the knowledge they need to apply our scientific drying techniques properly. Our goal is to ensure that every drop of moisture that should not be there is removed. These techniques dry a structure from the subfloor up, so homeowners do not have to be afraid that the water damage will have lasting consequences.

Call Us Immediately For Assistance

Acting quickly in water damage situations is essential to water mitigation in Mountain Brook, AL and reducing costs. You can rely on DynoDry Roofing & Structural, Inc. to act immediately in an emergency situation, engage professionally while on the job, and provide the best possible results for your home and family. Use our convenient online request form or call us at 205-623-0151 for immediate assistance.